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Choosing which islands to visit on your South Pacific holiday can be a tough decision as they all offer something special and unique – as well as sun-kissed beaches and sparkling blue lagoons! Don’t be put off by the long journey, we promise it’s worth the flight times! To ease the journey, spend a day or two on the golden shores of Los Angeles or perhaps amongst the bright lights of Tokyo. A South Pacific holiday also combines perfectly with a longer stay in New Zealand or Australia.

Cook Islands Holidays

The pristine islands of the Cook Islands, dotted halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, offer a laid-back, untouched charm. The ever-smiling Cook Islanders have plenty to be happy about… from the lush, green volcanic ridges, palm-fringed, powder-soft beaches and coral-filled turquoise lagoons to the blissfully warm temperatures year round and deliciously fresh seafood. You won’t find a high-rise building or a traffic light in the ‘Cooks’… instead, it’s all about beachfront luxury and an easy-going lifestyle.

Fiji Holidays

In the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji’s enchanting islands offer a variety of experiences… from unwinding on the idyllic beaches of the Yasawas and the Mamanucas and snorkelling in clear blue sea to exploring the verdant rainforest of he remote Northern islands. Combine a couple of islands in different areas to really get a feel for Fiji or set sail in your own private yacht… and before you know it, you’ll be saying ‘Bula’ like a local!

Tahiti Holidays

Exuding luxury, style and absolute indulgence, The Islands of Tahiti (traditionally known as French Polynesia) is the ultimate South Pacific paradise. Towering peaks rise sharply from the bluest of seas and shallow turquoise lagoons cry out to be wallowed in. Stay in an overwater bungalow and plunge directly into the lagoon below – full of multi-coloured fish with coral to match – or opt for a beachfront villa for more space and privacy.


1. Tahiti is home to the overwater bungalow, so it’s definitely worth experiencing one on your Tahiti holiday, but beach villas are generally larger and often come with a private pool, so we recommend trying both!

2. A Cook Islands holiday isn’t complete without seeing the world famous lagoon in Aitutaki – the colours here are absolutely breathtaking.

3. In Fiji, it’s all about island-hopping and we recommend including two or even three islands on your holiday to Fiji

4. Whether you’re travelling to the Cook Islands, Fiji or Tahiti, resist spending all your time on the beach… head inland to encounter the lush interior, the fascinating culture and the friendly locals!

Turquoise recommends – South Pacific hotels

South Pacific holidays are all about sun, sea, sand and stylish accommodation, and a holiday to the Cook Islands, Fiji or Tahiti more than delivers! In Tahiti, we love the elegance of Four Seasons Resort Bora Boraand our favourite lesser known gem in nearby Taha’a, Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa.

In Fiji, the pristine beaches of Yasawa Island Resort are some of the best in the South Pacific, whilst the Treehouses at Matangi Island Resort are heavenly.

The Cook Islands boasts one of the best lagoons in the world, best viewed from Pacific Resort Aitutaki.

Viaggi di Nozze

Honeymoons to the South Pacific

The South Pacific is probably the most romantic destination in the world, great for all you summer brides looking to honeymoon between April and September. You will have heard these Island’s names in history and fiction books as a child – Tahiti, Bora Bora, Fiji and The Cook Islands but which one will it be for you?

Why not honeymoon in Tahiti, home of the overwater bungalow, friendly Fiji with beaches to die for, or a honeymoon in the Cook Islands home to the awe inspiring Aitutaki lagoon… Choice can be a terrible thing but we are here to help! Just think of those swaying palms and the crash of the Pacific Ocean waves on the reef beyond your Turquoise lagoon… pack your hammock and throw away your shoes!!!

Don’t forget to check out the details of our Honeymoon gift list service, which allows friends and family to contribute towards travel experiences as well as the more traditional gift list items, all in one place. A complimentary service for all Turquoise honeymoon couples and looked after by a full time team, it’s just one of the ways we can ensure your dream honeymoon, becomes a reality.




Powder-soft sand, sky the colour of forget-me-nots, a kaleidoscope of coral and fish in sparkling azure lagoons blending seamlessly with verdant, forest-clad mountains: the 118 islands and atolls of Tahiti in the South Pacific epitomise the world’s idea of ‘paradise’. Get a true feel for this South Seas slice of heaven by combining two or three islands on your luxury Tahiti holiday… and to experience absolute indulgence, spend a few nights in an overwater bungalow!


With so many glorious and varied islands to choose from, deciding which ones to visit can be tough! Between the specialists here at Turquoise Holidays, we’ve seen and fallen in love with each and every hotel that we feature, so we’ll be able to guide you, inspire you and create the perfect Tahiti holiday for you!” – Suzy Higgs – Product Manager


Mix It Up – Combine two, possibly even three islands, to make the most of your luxury holiday to Tahiti all with stunning beaches and turquoise lagoons… our favourites include Moorea, Bora Bora,Taha’aTikehau and Rangiroa.
Canoe breakfast – Enjoy a delicious breakfast on your private overwater deck, delivered by traditional Polynesian canoe! This is an ideal taste of romance your Tahiti honeymoon!
Break the mould – The Society Islands and the Tuamotu Islands make for essential viewing on all holidays to Tahiti, but break the mould and fly northeast to the mystical Marquesas Islands of Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa, a place where time stands still and natural wonders amaze even the most experienced travellers.
Jump in – When you’re surrounded by water so blue it looks fake, you simply have to jump in! Watersports aplenty, or just relax in the warm waters below your bungalow on your Tahiti holiday!

Holidays to Bora Bora

No holiday to Tahiti would be complete without a visit to the legendary island of Bora Bora. Her very name conjures images of a tropical South Seas paradise. This is French Polynesia’s leading lady and an internationally acclaimed honeymoon destination! Bora Bora’s striking silhouette is sculpted by the remnants of an extinct volcano which rises to the impressive peak of Mount Otemanu, surrounded by a sparkling blue lagoon.

Turquoise recommends – Tahiti Hotels

The postcard greens and blues of the Society Islands form the main archipelago of French Polynesia and it is here that you will find some of our favourite Tahiti hotels. For romance, we love Le Taha’a; for absolute luxury and incredible service, we love Four Seasons Bora Bora and St Regis Bora Bora; for a Polynesian-inspired hideaway, head to Bora Bora Pearl Beach; and for the Godfather of private islands, The Brando is unbeatable!

Visit our Tahiti honeymoons page for full details about our honeymoon collection.

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Luxury honeymoons to Tahiti

Described by many as the last Paradise on Earth, Tahiti undoubtedly offers the quintessential tropical South Seas experience a luxury honeymoon demands.  Historically known as French Polynesia but today, more commonly referred to simply as Tahiti, these enchanting islands in the South Pacific have inspired many a film maker and seduced a long succession of writers and artists over the years, perhaps the most famous of which is the post-impressionist French painter Paul Gauguin. His tomb on Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands continues to be a place of great pilgrimage. Traditionally a draw for romantic couples and honeymooners from all corners of the globe, Tahiti’s world famous islands boast an astounding natural beauty which is hard to find anywhere else on the planet.

Tahiti Honeynoon - Turquoise Holidays

Turquoise Holidays Top 5 Tips for a Luxury Tahiti Honeymoon

1. If you’re planning a Spring wedding in the UK, and an April/May honeymoon to Tahiti – you couldn’t pick a better time as you will benefit from low season prices – but still enjoy perfect weather in Tahiti! June to October is peak season so a stunning time to go ..but if you need to pinch the budget a little, go for April or May – your purse strings will thank you!

2. Don’t just visit one island, Tahiti is a wonderful island hopping honeymoon destination – but as well as the local island-hopping airline, why not treat yourselves to a magical helicopter flight from Taha’a to Bora Bora (it’s worth every penny!) or even charter a crewed yacht for a few days and sail from Taha’a to the pontoon of your chosen Bora Bora hotel – what better way to arrive at this legendary island!

3. Save Bora Bora or Tahaa for your overwater experience and go beach in Moorea! Moorea is our favourite isle for scenery – you will over-awed by the deep cut bays and lush mountains whilst the lagoons of Bora Bora and Taha’a are the most dazzling and turquoise of any in the world!

4. Play Robinson Crusoe and combine luxury with rustic island chic at one of our favourite tiny islands – either Vahine Island in the Taha’a lagoon or Le Sauvage Private Island in Rangiroa in the Tuamotu archipelago – castaway days don’t get much better than this!

5. Break the bank and start married life on the ultimate high – head to The Brando on Tetiaroa – the private island owned by the late Marlon Brando! Be some of the first to experience the most glamorous island resort to hit Tahiti’s shores – it is only accessible by private plane from Tahiti! Go on – you know you deserve it!

Sculpted out of Volcanos

Sculpted into existence as the result of centuries of volcanic erosion, Tahiti’s extraordinarily diverse islands (118 of them to be exact) are spread across five very different far-flung archipelagos, entitled Society, Tuamotu, Marquesas and the lesser known Austral and Gambier. Each has its own unique landscape, from the high green volcanic mountains of the Society Island archipelago (home to legendary Bora Bora) to the low-lying glittering turquoise coral atolls of the Crusoe-like Tuamotus where the scuba diving and deep sea fishing are world class and Tahiti’s rare and unique famous black pearls can be found in the crystalline waters.

Island hopping has long been the traditional way to explore these Pearls of the Pacific and we suggest trying to combine at least two islands, or even three islands if time and budget permit (ideally, two Society Islands and one in the Tuamotus). The local airline, Air Tahiti, offers the most obvious means of transport between the islands – but for those who enjoy being on the water, there are various options open to you.

You can board the Aranui for a voyage of discovery from Tahiti to the remote Marquesas Islands (via a stop in the Tuamotus) – fascinated travellers go along for the ride to watch the Aranui’s spirited Polynesian crew sling sacks of copra (dried coconuts) to remote villages by day and strum ukuleles by night! Or if luxury sailing is more your thing – imagine boarding a private yacht with your own crew in Raiatea and disembarking three days later at the pontoon of your Bora Bora hotel! Only in Paradise!

Protected by Coral Reefs

The postcard greens and blues of the Society Islands form the main archipelago of French Polynesia and it is here that you will find the largest and main gateway island – Tahiti – but also the beautiful islands of Moorea,HuahineBora Bora and Tahaa whose lush mountainous landscapes are surrounded by the calm waters of an emerald lagoon. The coastlines are similarly stunning – some are smooth and regular whilst others are cut by deep and magnificent bays – Cook’s Bay in Moorea being one of the most famous.

These islands are protected from the ocean by a coral ring which forms a barrier reef – hence the existence of a lagoon where the lighter turquoise and emerald waters contrast with the darker blues of the ocean. Many of the region’s most idyllic resorts and retreats are located on smaller sandy islets (motu) within the lagoons and these are accessible via a short boat ride. In complete contrast, the low lying turquoise coral atolls of the Tuamotu Islands offer a lifestyle which the ‘Robinson Crusoe’ in all of us can only dream about, whilst the spectacular peaks and valleys of the enchanting and mystical Marquesas Islands will prove an intriguing adventure to even the most hardened of travellers.

We do, of course, owe today’s accurate charts of these incredible, wildly varying islands in the South Seas to our very own Captain James Cook who marked their exact location with painstaking precision back in the 1700’s. His famous and well documented voyages required many months at sea, but today, this same journey takes approximately 23 hours on a flight from London via Los Angeles.

From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted with the same warm legendary Tahitian hospitality which Cook and his men enjoyed more than two centuries ago. You will be welcomed at the airport with cheerful songs and swathed in garlands of the national Tahitian flower, the tiare. Tahitian and French are the official languages although English is spoken in most hotels and restaurants.

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